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Mind Cradle began with the vision of sharing our passion for design with our close friends and family. The designs at Mind Cradle are created with ideas inspired by the continuous goal to expand our minds, open our hearts, and elevate our consciousness. Through art we are able to effectively communicate ideas and share emotions with one another. We hope to spread a positive message that is easily received and genuinely reciprocated.

We’d like the express the significance of our existence during this magical time of human evolution. Mind Cradle embraces the sacred knowledge that we are beginning to understand, as science is being mystified and ancient wisdom is rediscovered. We feel privileged to connect with each other on a spiritual level and hope that together we can nurture the seed of knowledge, manifesting growth and positive change.

Products that we produce are printed and crafted in the United States, supporting the local economy. A portion of every sale proceeds to the artist, supporting them financially and empowering their art.