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Dreamtime Fleece Blanket



Dreamtime Fleece Blanket


The Dreamer fleece blanket by Samuel Farrand.

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High quality printing on soft and warm fleece art blankets you can snuggle with.
Perfect for around the house, on camping trips or picnics.

Please note the reverse side of blankets are white.
Printed in USA.

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All of my work is a mirrored reflection of creation and consciousness, to create is a spiritual experience for me. I start all my work off with a black background to me this black background represents the void talked about in many religious beliefs and creation myths from around the world. The images composed in that black space is the light coming out from the void. Starting all my work off in this void allows me to enter into a deep sacred space. My work, like a crystal has many faces to it some of the dominant re-occurring themes that I base my work off of is ancient and contemporary culture, sacred geometry, divine proportion, spirituality, architecture, symbolism and nature.

Through the use of my own unique style of digital imaging which is
rooted in fractal, recursive or logarithmic mathematics I begin the time consuming task of creating each object one by one… i’ll repeat this process until I have created everything that I need for the piece. Once this is complete I can then begin to weave it all together. I know when each piece is finished when it produces the feeling of nostalgia. In addition to my work being a reflection of creation I’d like to conclude that I feel the arrangement of the objects, colors and imagery that my work contains is also a representation of the many layers that creates consciousness, my hope is for you to enter into the spaces I’ve created and have a similar spiritual experience.

Artist Website: http://www.samuelfarrand.com/
Facebook Art Page: “http://www.facebook.com/theartofsamfarrand/”

Fleece Blankets are available in the following sizes:
Small 40 inches by 30 inches
Medium 60 inches by 50 inches
Large 80 inches by 60 inches


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Wash cold on gentle cycle, separately.
Hang Dry if possible or tumble dry.
Avoid hanging in direct sunlight over long periods of time.