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The One Eye Love Bed Set


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The One Eye Love Bed Set


Designed by Ishka Lha.

Each set consists of a duvet cover and 2 pillow covers.
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The One Eye Love by Jah Ishka Lha
Bed sets comes with a colorful duvet cover and 2 full color double sided pillows.
Printed on a soft microfiber fabric.
Printed and Sewn in the USA.

Bed Size

King, Queen/Full, Twin Size
With her imagery, Ishka reveals a world of the eternal Beauty that is all things. A river of elementals, cosmic beings, and magical beasts swirl together in one great flood of light and shadow, emanating the shapes and colors illuminated within the Beloved’s kaleidoscope. With every turning of the wheel, an ever-changing cycle of Life appears. Dawn spills into the night sky, a blossom falls as a cherry grows; and the movement in our mind trickles down into a land where thoughts kneel before a pool of peaceful waters, watching silently, as Spirit emerges from the depths.


Artist Statement

My work is a reflection of how we experience life with an attitude of thanks, grace, and play. When we do this, reality is a lot more like a dream. Everything takes on an air of fluidity, and there is more space in our minds to experience moments like water in a river, continuing onward without resistance to what is. This does not mean that we give up the power of choice, or that we “give in” to whatever comes our way—to emulate the river is to understand that the nature of the river is to keep on. Water does not hold onto the riverbank, it simply flows.One purpose of my work is to act as a reminder that the world is not black and white. If we remain present, patient, and curious throughout life, we judge others and ourselves less often, and adapt more easily and frequently to beneficial change. This is the result of a grand collaboration of events! The style and subject matter in my art represent the ability to experience perfection as a wondrous state of transformation, acknowledging each phase and form of existence as part of a sacred universal process. Once we are able to perceive our interdependence with all things, we can synchronize our perspective with and direction towards the greatest landscape of interconnection we can imagine, and life becomes the most exhilarating game we’ve ever played.We are all born with infinite potential to create beauty; and as we fulfill our basic needs, and honor our potential, we offer the world the greatest gift. When we do and say things that bring others and ourselves real joy, we are creating beauty. When we live authentically to our individual nature in empowering ways while encouraging others to do the same, we are making art. Through creative expression and compassionate communication, differences between individuals become opportunities for understanding instead of conflict, art instead of destruction, poetry instead of war. We find hope in what may have once been great disappointment. Negative concepts about God and religion are transmuted into diverse pathways that lead straight to the heart. We accept all as beings that simply love and need to be loved.


Twin Duvet Cover Size 68″x88″
Queen Duvet Cover Size 88″x88″
King Duvet Cover Size 104″x88″

Pillow Cover Size 30″x20

Wash cold on gentle cycle, separately.
Hang Dry if possible or tumble dry.
Avoid hanging in direct sunlight over long periods of time.